Research and Outreach Programs
   Over the years, our faculty members have received funding from both internal and external research funding agencies for various research projects. Most notable research projects are, for example, pasture improvement for dairy cattle, research and development of domestic chickens, goat milk product development, tissue culture for 'Dang Ubon' orchid, and native fish study in local reservoirs and rivers such as Mekong and Moon river. Our faculty members are actively looking for external funding to conduct research in the area of their interests. We publish research papers, both nationally and internationally, and we set our goal to strive to be one of the best faculties in agricultural science and technology in the region.
   We also have more than 20 outreach programs provided during the year through in-house training or extension work of the faculty members and staff. We mainly serve people in the lower northeastern region of Thailand.
   For more information about the research projects and outreach programs, you can check out the database of each faculty member.
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